Moving Wisconsin Career Professionals Forward

Moving Wisconsin Career Professionals Forward

Individual and Group Counseling Skills: Strategies for Communicating with Individuals with Neurodivergent Conditions

  • 24 Jul 2023
  • 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
  • Zoom


Please join WCDA for a Lunch & Learn session that will explore strategies for communicating with students and clients with neurodivergent conditions. 

Our speaker notes that the term neurodivergence describes when a person's brain functions differently to what we consider typical or normal. In addition, Neurodiversity in Business defines neurodiversity as “the amazing variety in human neurology, thinking, communication styles, and expression.” 

In this session, our speaker will be leveraging her professional training in the field and will also draw upon her personal journey as a neurodivergent person. Through this combination of her personal and professional experience, she will share communication strategies that help shape inclusive workplaces and support individuals with diverse needs.

Presenter: Jennifer (Jenn) Best (She/Her), Director of Career Services, Promineo Tech

Date/Time/Location: Monday, July 24, 2023, from 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm (Central) via Zoom

Audience: This event is designed to provide professional development for academic advisors, career development professionals, workforce development professionals, coaches, counselors, and educators.

Certificate of Attendance: A certificate of attendance, noting 1 clock hour, will be available for individuals who attend this professional development event.

Pre-Registration: Pre-registration is required. A Zoom link will be emailed to registrants the day before the event. 

Cost: $0 for current members of WCDA. $50 for individuals who are not members of WCDA.

This WCDA professional development event is $0 for current members of WCDA. If you are not a current member of WCDA, consider joining WCDA for a $25 annual fee, then register for the event for FREE.

Sponsored By: Wisconsin Career Development Association (WCDA)

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